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Titel Datum Auteur Beschrijving
De oudere kankerpatiënt en het slechtnieuwsgesprek in de palliatieve fase. Scriptie psycho-oncologie, VUB. 25/07/2014 Andries Jasmine (2007)

Het doel van onze studie was om na te gaan hoe de oudere kankerpatiënt het slechtnieuwsgesprek op emotioneel gebied beleeft en anderzijds welke situationele factoren een invloed kunnen hebben op hun ervaring.
Het onderzoek liep over een periode van 10 maanden waarin 30 palliatieve...

Artikel: Early retirement and non-employment after breast cancer 30/06/2014 M.-L. Lindbohm, E. Kuosma, T. Taskila, P. Hietanen, K. Carlsen, S. Gudbergsson and H. Gunnarsdottir

Abstract:This study examined whether workplace support, sociodemographic factors and co- morbidity are associated with early retirement or non-employment due to other reasons among breast cancer survivors. We also compared quality of life and chronic symptoms (pain, fatigue, anxiety and...

Artikel: Bladder and bowel symptoms in cervical and endometrial cancer survivors 30/06/2014 Kristine A. Donovan, Alice R. Boyington, Patricia L. Judson and Jean F. Wyman

Abstract: Previous studies likely underestimate the prevalence of bowel and bladder symptoms in gynecologic cancer survivors. We sought to estimate the prevalence of these symptoms in cervical and endometrial cancer survivors who had completed treatment 1 year previously compared with non-cancer...

Artikel: Effects of nursing intervention models on social adaption capability development in preschool children with malignant tumors: a randomized control trial 30/06/2014 Lu Yu, Lin Mo, Yan Tang, Xiaoyan Huang and Juan Tan

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to compare the effects of two nursing intervention models on the ability of preschool children with malignant tumors to socialize and to determine if these inter- ventions improved their social adaption capability (SAC) and quality of life.

Artikel: Psychosocial factors associated with quality of life in allogeneic stem cell transplant patients prior to transplant 30/06/2014 Brindha Pillay, Stuart J. Lee, Lynda Katona, Sue Burney and Sharon Avery

Abstract: The primary aim of this retrospective study was to determine levels of psychological distress and quality of life (QoL) immediately prior to allogeneic stem cell transplantation. The secondary aim was to examine the demographic, medical and psychosocial factors that were correlated...

Artikel: Does cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia reduce clinical levels of fatigue, anxiety and depression in cancer patients? 30/06/2014 Leanne Fleming, Kate Randell, Christopher-James Harvey and Colin A. Espie

Abstract: This secondary analysis of data from a randomised controlled trial explores associations between common symptom clusters and evaluates pre-treatment to post-treatment changes in clinical levels of these symptoms following cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia (CBT-I).

Review: Patient and health professional’s perceived barriers to the delivery of psychosocial care to adults with cancer: a systematic review 30/06/2014 Sophie Dilworth, Isabel Higgins, Vicki Parker, Brian Kelly and Jane Turner

Abstract: To explore the barriers experienced and perceived by health professionals and patients in the delivery of psychosocial care to adults with cancer.

Methods: Systematic searches were undertaken using the PsychInfo, Medline and CINAHL electronic databases, up to

Quantitative electroencephalography biomarkers of cognitive complaints after adjuvant therapy in breast cancer survivors: a pilot study 30/06/2014 Aimee M. Hunter, Lorna Kwan, Linda M. Ercoli, Barbara Kahn Mills, Ian A. Cook, Patricia A. Ganz and Andrew F. Leuchter
Artikel: Determinants of psychology service utilization in a palliative care outpatient population 30/06/2014 Casey Azuero, Rebecca Sue Allen, Elizabeth Kvale, Andres Azuero and Patricia Parmelee

Abstract : Research has demonstrated that treating cancer patients’ psychological and physical health leads to improved overall health. This may be especially true for palliative care patients facing serious illness. This study examines the proportion and determinants of

Artikel: E-loyalty towards a cancer information website: applying a theoretical framework 30/06/2014 Rik Crutzen, Nienke Beekers, Mies van Eenbergen, Monique Becker, Lilian Jongen and Liesbeth van Osch

Abstract: To provide more insight into user perceptions related to e-loyalty towards a cancer informa- tion website. This is needed to assure adequate provision of high quality information during the full process of cancer treatment—from diagnosis to after care—and an important first step...