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Titel Datum Auteur Beschrijving
Artikel: Body image screening for cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgery 30/08/2014 Michelle Cororve Fingeret, Summer Nipomnick, Michele Guindani, Donald Baumann, Matthew Hanasono and Melissa Crosby

Abstract: Body image is a critical issue for cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgery, as they can experience disfigurement and functional impairment. Distress related to appearance changes can lead to various psychosocial difficulties, and patients are often reluctant to discuss these...

Artikel: Negative religious coping as a correlate of suicidal ideation in patients with advanced cancer 30/08/2014 K. M. Trevino, M. Balboni, A. Zollfrank, T. Balboni and H. G. Prigerson

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between negative religious coping (NRC) and suicidal ideation in patients with advanced cancer, controlling for demographic and disease characteristics and risk and protective factors for suicidal ideation.

Artikel: Helping cancer patients to quit smoking by understanding their risk perception, behavior, and attitudes related to smoking 30/08/2014 William H. C. Li, Sophia S. C. Chan and T. H. Lam

Abstract: Evidence shows that smoking is a major cause of cancer, and cancer patients who con- tinue smoking are at greater risk for all causes of mortality, cancer recurrence, and second primary cancers. Nevertheless, many cancer patients still smoke and are not willing to quit. This study...

Artikel: Feasibility and efficacy of speed-feedback therapy with a bicycle ergometer on cognitive function in elderly cancer patients in Japan 30/08/2014 Emi Miki, Tsuyoshi Kataoka and Hitoshi Okamura

Abstract: We conducted this study with the aim of demonstrating the feasibility and efficacy of speed- feedback therapy with a bicycle ergometer on cognitive function in elderly cancer patients.

Methods: The subjects were patients with breast or prostate cancer who were

Artikel: Measuring psychosocial functioning in the radiation oncology clinic: a systematic review 30/08/2014 Clayton B. Hess and Allen M. Chen

Abstract: This paper aimed to systematically review the (1) prevalence, (2) risk factors, (3) interventions, and (4) measurement instruments associated with psychosocial function decline in radiation therapy (RT) patients.


A MEDLINE systematic literature

Unmet information needs and impact of cancer in (long-term) thyroid cancer survivors: results of the PROFILES registry 30/08/2014 O. Husson, F. Mols, W. A. Oranje, H. R. Haak, W. A. Nieuwlaat, R. T. Netea-Maier, J. W. A. Smit and L. V. van de Poll-Franse

Abstract: The objective of this study was to provide insight into the following: (a) the perceived level of, satisfaction with, and helpfulness of received information and unmet information needs among thyroid cancer (TC) survivors and (b) the relation between unmet information needs and impact...

Systemic inflammation among breast cancer survivors: the roles of goal disengagement capacities and health-related self-protection 30/08/2014 Andree L. Castonguay, Carsten Wrosch and Catherine M. Sabiston

 Abstract: This study examined the associations between breast cancer survivors’ capacity to adjust to unattainable goals (through goal disengagement and goal reengagement), health-related self-protection (e.g., positive reappraisals), and low-grade systemic inflammation (i.e., C-reactive...

Artikel: 'Integrating supportive and palliative care in the trajectory of cancer: Establishing goals and models of care.' 29/08/2014 Eduardo Bruera & David Hui

Abstract: Patients with advanced cancer frequently experience significant symptom burden and psychosocial distress. Palliative care has evolved as a discipline that addresses many of these concerns. Yet, palliative care referrals remain delayed as patients continue to focus on cancer treatments...

Artikel: 'Cancer consultation preparation package: Changing patients but not physicians is not enough.' 29/08/2014 Butow P., Devine R., Boyer M., Pendlebury S., Jackson M. & Tattersall M.H.N.

Abstract: This study evaluated a cancer consultation preparation package (CCPP) designed to facilitate patient involvement in the oncology consultation.

Patients and Methods: A total of 164 cancer patients (67...

Artikel: 'A systematic and conceptual review of posttraumatic stress in childhood cancer survivors and their parents.' 12/08/2014 Matt Bruce

Abstract: Recent years have witnessed a rapid acceleration in the recognition and documentation of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and posttraumatic stress symptomatology (PTSS) in childhood cancer survivors and their parents. However, applicability of PTSD both diagnostically and...