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Titel Datum Auteur Beschrijving
Artikel: Posttraumatic growth in head and neck cancer survivors: Is it possible and what are the correlates? (2018) 12/06/2018 Linda Sharp, Devon Redfearn, Aileen Timmons et al

Objectives: Posttraumatic growth (PTG) is a possible positive consequence of a traumatic event, such as cancer. Head and neck cancer (HNC) may be particularly traumatic, given its adverse effects on functional, psychological, and social wellbeing. We investigated the extent of PTG, factors...

Artikel: “I don't want to take chances.”: A qualitative exploration of surgical decision making in young breast cancer survivors (2018) 12/06/2018 Shoshana M. Rosenberg, Mary L. Greaney, Andrea F. Patenaude et al

Objective: Young women with unilateral breast cancer are increasingly choosing contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM), despite its limited medical benefit for most women. The purpose of this study was to better understand this choice through a qualitative exploration of surgical decision‐...

Artikel: Assessment of the wish to hasten death in patients with advanced cancer: A comparison of 2 different approaches (2018) 12/06/2018 Mercedes Bellido‐Pérez, Iris Crespo, Keith G. Wilson et al
Introduction: The Desire for Death Rating Scale (DDRS) and the short form of the Schedule of Attitudes toward Hastened Death (SAHD‐5) are different approaches to assessing the wish to hasten death (WTHD). Both have clinical threshold scores for identifying individuals with a meaningfully...
Artikel: A randomized controlled trial of a group intervention for siblings of children with cancer: Changes in symptoms of anxiety in siblings and caregivers (2018) 12/06/2018 Maru Barrera, Eshetu G. Atenafu, Fiona Schulte et al
Objective: This study assessed the effects of a group intervention—Siblings Coping Together (SibCT)—on siblings' and caregivers' anxiety symptoms compared to controls,
and potential moderators.
Methods: Seventy healthy siblings of children on or off...
Artikel: Sense of coherence is a predictor of survival: A prospective study in women treated for breast cancer (2018) 12/06/2018 Carina Lindblad, Ann Langius‐Eklöf, Lena‐Marie Petersson et al

Objective: Sense of coherence (SOC) reflects a person's overall orientation to life. Sense of coherence guides the person in finding and utilizing resources to maintain
health and manage stress. Previously, we demonstrated SOC's stability over time among breast cancer (BC) patients, and in...

Artikel: Cancer survivors' understanding of the cause and cure of their illness: Religious and secular appraisals (2018) 12/06/2018 Lauren M. Carney, Crystal L. Park

Objective: Little is known about survivors' understanding of the cause of their cancer and of their recovery, nor how these ways of understanding relate to their well‐being. No study has examined both secular and religious appraisals of the same event. The current study aimed to examine both...

Artikel: Sexual and romantic challenges among young Danes diagnosed with cancer: Results from a cross‐sectional nationwide questionnaire study (2018) 12/06/2018 Christian Graugaard, Cecilie Dyg Sperling, Bibi Hølge‐Hazelton et al

Objective: The negative impact of malignant disease on sexual and relational functioning is well documented among adults but scarcely investigated among adolescents and young adults. This study explored the body image, self‐perceived attractiveness, and sexual/romantic experiences of Danes...

Website: 31/05/2018 Care4AYA vzw

Jaarlijks krijgen in België ongeveer 800 jongvolwassenen (AYA’s = Adolescents & Young Adults) te horen dat ze kanker hebben.  De ziekte treft hen in de bloei van hun leven, wanneer ze volop in ontwikkeling zijn. Door hun leeftijd, tussen 18 en 30 jaar, vallen jongeren die kanker hebben of...

Artikel: A closer lens: Cancer survivors' supportive intervention preferences and interventions received (2018) 17/05/2018 Joanna J. Arch, Rachel Vanderkruik, Alex Kirk, Alaina L. Carr


Cancer survivor preferences for formal interventions designed to provide psychological support remain relatively unknown. To address this gap, we evaluated cancer survivors' preferences for psychological intervention, whom they preferred to recommend

Artikel: Trends in incidence and associated risk factors of suicide mortality among breast cancer patients (2018) 17/05/2018 Apostolos Gaitanidis, Michail Alevizakos, Michail Pitiakoudis, Doreen Wiggins


Breast cancer patients are associated with an increased risk for committing suicide. The purpose of this study was to study the trends in the incidence of suicide mortality and identify pertinent risk factors among patients with breast cancer.